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Security Center is network security software for real-time intrusion detection IDS and prevention
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12 August 2010

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Modern organizational framework largely employs computer networks to set up interactive communication channel within employees. But, at times these channels get affected by malicious contents, like viruses and Trojans, and unauthorized intrusions, which could potentially harm users. Manual monitoring and checking of these networks usually charge over huge amount of time and efforts of developers. Hence, an apt application that offers suitable assistance in detecting and preventing such intrusions, is highly called for. One application that you may find appropriate for the purpose is Security Center Lite 1.3.9. It supports detection and prevention of real time intrusions by setting some configurations and rules.

Security Center Lite 1.3.9 provides user with intuitive interface that includes different features to perform the monitoring functions. When you set the program to monitor the network it applies protection by detecting and preventing the unwanted intrusions. It protects the network by monitoring it well, and giving alerts using SNMP traps and SMTP email, if any intrusion is detected. The application can be set to work with any switched or hubs network without any requirement to set network configurations or remote agents. It is capable of discovering the real-time vulnerabilities and threats, and also provides feature for proactive blocking the network nodes according to the threat level. The program also consists of the options to set the protection rules automatically or manually in real-time to protect the network against potential intruders. The intrusion detection IDS along with prevention IPS services are also included in the protection rules. It even supports analyzing the transmission rates and network connections to ensure effective functioning. It utilizes MAC, DNS name, IP and Username attributes to apply protection.

Security Center Lite 1.3.9 is capable of detecting and preventing the unwanted intrusions, threats and other such troubling issues in the Network, and also provides a summarized report to provide details to the users. Rated with 4 rating points, the application comprises of effectual features that function proficiently to safeguard the network from malicious attacks.

Publisher's description

Security Center is network security software for real-time intrusion detection IDS and prevention IPS that helps to protect networks from potential intruders, unauthorized connections and malicious activities.
Security Center can be connected in any network either it is switched or hubs network without the need of remote agents or special network configuration. The unique network monitoring engine provide real-time threats and vulnerabilities discovery. The built-in manual and automatic protection rules enable to enforce any network security policy with proactive blocking of network nodes that violated the security protection rules. The software can be used in distributed environment using any number of remote viewers for controlling the network security permissions and operation status. The Lite version supports 10 network nodes.
Security Center key features:
Provides online network discovery.
Automatic threats and vulnerabilities level discovery.
Real-time manual and automatic protection rules against potential intruders.
Real-time protection rules including intrusion detection IDS and prevention IPS services.
Real-time nodes display for analyzing network connections and transmission rates.
Real-time protection using MAC, IP, DNS name or Username attributes.
Proactive blocking of networks nodes based on their threat level.
Alerts forwarding using SMTP email and SNMP traps.
Support wireless intrusion detection and prevention.
Security Center Lite
Security Center Lite
Version 2.3
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